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Athlete Goals

Here at Flying Elephant Throwing we strive to provide a safe and exciting learning environment for throwers. Athletes will be provided with the opportunity to have hands on training by elite level coaches as well as stay in the dorms and get the full college Division 1 experience. Our coaches will be instructing the athletes on how to improve their throwing, mindset, training, and weightlifting.  And as an added bonus, this camp will provide raw exposure to athletes about what college coaches are really like.  We look forward to having you at our throwers showcase.

VS Athletics

VS Athletics will be the onsite vendor.  For any equipment needs please visit their website, link below, and have your equipment delivered to the camp.  Only online orders will be available to be filled at the camp.

Athlete Sign Up

Please choose the best option for your needs.  We offer 3 different options for athletes and a spectator coach option.  Each options allows for different access to the showcase sessions, dorms, cafeteria, and a coach's social at the end.  Parents are welcome to watch, however they will not have full access to the fields, dorms, or classroom sessions.

Full camper.jpeg

Full Camper - $600

Enjoy the full camper experience: Get full access to all sessions, to the cafeteria, and the dorms.  Eat the meals with all the other campers as well as the coaches.  Stay in the dorms and get the Division I experience.

Commuter Plus Camper - $450

Get access to all of the throwing and classroom sessions and enjoy having meals with the instructors and fellow campers in the dorm cafeteria.  No dorm access.  You must provide you own sleeping arrangements.

Commuter Plus.jpeg
Commuter Only.jpeg

Commuter Only Camper - $300

Get access to the throwing sessions. No dorm access or evening classroom sessions. You must provide you own food and sleeping arrangements.

Spectator Coach - $150

This provides access to all training sessions and classroom session.  This also gives access to the coach's social on the last night of the camp. Must provide your own food and sleeping arrangements (lots of options on campus, contact us for hotel deals)

Spectator coach.jpg

Parental Form

Cancellation Policy

*All Cancellation requests FOR ANY REASON must be submitted in writing via email*


Once you register and pay for camp, any cancellation, (FOR ANY REASON) will fall under the following policies (ALL FEES ARE PER SESSION AND PER CAMPER):

No Shows

If you register your child for camp and they do not attend, you will not receive a refund. ALL cancellations must be submitted in writing via email. You will receive an emailed confirmation of your request once it has been received. No-shows on any day of camp will NOT be refunded/credited for any reason. Camp dismissal can occur for any violation of the camper's code of conduct.

Within Two Week Of Start Of Camp

• CANCELLATION (for any reason): Refund of Amount Paid minus (-) %50



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